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Laser Body Sculpting

Laser Body Sculpting

After all your dieting and exercise you can still be left with those stubborn parts of your body that hold too much fat. If cosmetic surgery is something too extreme for your taste, consider the breakthrough alternative that’s proven to produce remarkable results: Zerona Lipo-Laser.

At Magnolia Bodysculpting & Wellness in Riverside, we offer you the only FDA approved laser proven to help you jump start your weight loss program or melt away your stubborn inches!

I bet you’re thinking “This is just too good to be true.”

That’s OK. Most of our clients start out as skeptics. And then you notice your clothes start fitting more loosely. And after just 2 weeks, even the most skeptical become true believers. Your Zerona treatment has amazing potential, as it offers ‘inch-loss’ without the discomfort, recovery and risks of surgery.

ZERONA on Doctor Oz from Primcogent on Vimeo.

Call Today, 951.778.1111 to discover how easy it can be to melt away your stubborn inches!

How Zerona Works

This new breakthrough produces cosmetic surgery results without the knife.

Unlike other body-contouring procedures like liposuction, mesotherapy, or Velashape™, nothing ever touches your skin. That means Zerona™ is your only painless and comfortable treatment option.


    • No surgery or anesthesia
    • No scarring
    • No needles
    • No recovery
    • No bruising or swelling
    • No downtime!

Imagine targeting your pockets of stubborn fat and immediately have Zerona dissolve the content of those cells into fluid, which is then drained from your body naturally. And since Zerona is a non-invasive procedure, it is ideal to allow you to immediately resume your normal daily activities!

At Your Service

Struggling to figure out what procedure is right for you? Just pick up to phone! At Magnolia Bodysculpting & Wellness, we’re here to answer all your questions and help reveal a new thinner, better you. Discover more about Zerona and see if you’re a good candidate for this exciting innovative treatment. Call now, 951.778.1111

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